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13 Piece Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes Set

13 Piece Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes Set

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Introducing our latest product, the 13-Piece Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes Set! Elevate your makeup routine with this comprehensive set of 13 brushes, catering to every aspect of your beauty regimen.

Included are brushes for foundation, makeup application, eyeshadow, blush, lip color, and more.  Crafted with soft and fine artificial fibers, these brushes ensure a gentle touch that minimizes skin damage.

The combination of a plastic handle and aluminum tube guarantees a durable and reliable cosmetic tool. These brushes are easy to clean, and their construction minimizes shedding. Get your Soft Beauty Brushes set today!

Specifications: Hair length: Approximately 1.77 inches

Total length: Approximately 6.69 inches

Weight: .2 lbs.

Quantity: 13 pcs

Material: Artificial Fiber

Type: Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Shadow Brush, Blush Brush, Highlighter Brush, Detail Concealer Brush, Nose Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Lip Brush Suitable for all skin types

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